Southern Tang

Southern Tang

Where East Meets South Staffordshire

This is my personal website and I hope you enjoy visiting. I`m from Staffordshire in the UK and divide my time between the UK and Hong Kong. I enjoy reading, music, walking, hiking and travelling. This website showcases travel pictures I`ve taken since 2001 and other interests. David Ian Bennett.

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Music has always been important to me. From 80s pop, to Country, to Ambient to Dance. It`s never been too far away. Since 1997 I have been mainly listening to Chinese, Japanese & Korean music after a Chinese singer called Faye Wong turned my musical world upside down.

My favourite music is New Age/Ambient which moves me in ways that words cannot explain.
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I read only fiction and tend to prefer mystery novels set in Victorian times or anytime pre 1900. More recent thrillers are ok, but generally spoilt by technology. I used to read a lot of horror novels, but don`t read so much these days. I have no favourite authors.

And yep, a book is pretty much always better than the movie.
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I am an experienced full stack web developer from the UK. I live in Hong Kong with my beautiful wife Amanda and my wonderful friends, who come from all areas of the globe.

Besides this website, I also run other websites. You`ll find links in the right hand menu, or if you are viewing on a small device, below.

For the tech minded, this is a HTML5 responsive website which was designed and programmed by myself. It uses the web development framework Twitter Bootstrap, along with jQuery & Font Awesome. The backend uses PHP & MySQL with a custom caching system. I built it in a day when I needed a break from work related coding.

Thanks for reading. If you want to say hi, use the options on the contact tab.

David Ian Bennett
(27 June 2022)
This website is dedicated to my late mother and father, who I miss so very much. And my brother, the greatest guy I know. And finally, my wife Amanda, the most beautiful person I will ever know.
Please use the options below to get in touch. If you live in Hong Kong and want to come on a hike, contact me via Roz`s Hiking Group. Thanks.


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